Suicide Intervention


If you are, or someone you know is, suicidal or struggling with life issues, it is important to tell someone – if you are facing a crisis in your life, or a period of change, then counselling may help.
Counselling services offer clients the opportunity to talk about their situation in a confidential setting; validate their feelings and come to positive decisions.
A free counselling service to those affected by suicide and feelings of suicidality. This service is available across Tasmania.
We have a range of resources available to support all sectors of community.

Community Awareness

CLS conducts awareness and information sessions across Tasmania about the issue of suicide and suicidal behaviour/thoughts.
These sessions are presented to service clubs, veteran organisations, community groups, churches and agencies – any group of interested people who, through awareness, can change their community’s attitude and work together to reduce the number of suicides in Tasmania.
Your group/business/industry can arrange any of the above sessions by contacting CLS for more information: 1300 132 098.

Employee Assistance Programme

A proactive approach by employers to support their workforce with counselling, mediation, training and critical incident management.
Please refer to ‘Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)’ under our programmes section from more information.


LivingWorks ASIST

CLS has qualified trainers for the internationally acclaimed Living Works Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) course. This 2 day course helps the participant develop the skills and confidence to identify someone who may be at risk and to support that person to connect with appropriate resources in their community. Also offered are suicideTALK, a half day exploration in suicide awareness and safeTALK, a half or full day which further explores risk factors, indicators and support networks. Courses are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year. Training can also be arranged for workplace and community groups. For more information about a particular training course, please select from the following documents:


ASIST 2 day workshop (272kb) and Registration Form (278kb)

TuneUP (66kb)

safeTALK (114kb)

suicideTALK (111kb)

Teen Alive!

Teen Alive is a purpose built information and training session to assist young people age 15-19 to identify friends that may be at risk of suicide. Teen Alive builds its approach from well grounded and basic principles of Awareness, Behaviour and Communication – in effect a simple ABC approach that is easily understood and applied. Teen Alive gives young people the tools and information to be aware of the situations around them, pre-cursory behaviours to suicide and from whom they can seek help.

Teen Alive is best suited to schools and colleges, youth groups, sporting clubs and special interest groups. Delivery costs for Teen Alive vary as on occasion there may be subsidies available, contact CLS to discuss if Teen Alive may be suited to your needs.

What’s included:

  • A 1hour 40 minute Teen Alive awareness session
  • Follow up counselling sessions for participants as negotiated
  • Quick reference wallet cards
  • Support materials
  • Attendance Certificate

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