Below is a brief outline of some of our most popular workshops and training initiatives;

Stress Management

In a fast paced world of competing demands many of us find it difficult to cope when issues at home and in the workplace start to effect us beyond our ability to cope. This 3 hour session examines the nature of stress, discerning good stress from bad, warning signs and our body’s response, practical ways to manage our stress and find a way forward. This programme is highly recommended for anyone facing competing demands, wanting to be more effective in the workplace and in life and as an annual refresher for previous participants.

Bullying and Harassment/ Code of Conduct

Workplace bullying is an ongoing issue in today’s workforce, often due to lack of understanding of appropriate behaviour. Bullying and harassment training assists employees and managers alike to recognise and correct problematic behaviour in the workplace, gain a better understanding of workplace relationships and ensure legislative compliance.

Teacher Professional Development

CLS has a long history of supporting schools through professional development, critical incidents, mediation, provision of school counsellors, staff, pupil and parental support. CLS teacher development sessions are specifically targeted to faculty in assisting in issues such as recognising and dealing with self harm, youth depression – causes and warning signs and maintaining professional distance (4 session course). Teacher professional development training is put together specifically to fit into staff meetings and PD days as required.

Elder Abuse

As with any type of exploitative behaviour, recognising and responding to Elder Abuse can be difficult for nursing staff and those in associated industries. CLS provide support to a number of aged care facilities across the state and are well versed in legislation relating to and providing for seniors in care.

Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the workplace can be difficult, particularly for new employees or those new to the workforce. Each workplace is different with cultural considerations, codes of conduct and professional standards. CLS educate staff in appropriate and effective communication strategies within the working environment and in dealing with members of the public relevant to their workplace.


As with communication, exercising an assertive attitude assists staff to feel respected and heard, ensures effective transparency and helps to avoid unnecessary conflict with others. Assertiveness training talks about the difference between aggressive, passive, passive- aggressive and assertive communication.  As a solution focused service CLS seeks to ensure that workplaces operate as effectively and smoothly as possible to ensure their organisational goals are achieved.

Youth Depression Awareness

Depression  in youth  is something that we can struggle to understand and it can have a significant impact on our personal lives, school environments and workplaces.  Our youth depression workshop assists individuals to recognise causes and signs of depression in young people, ways to address it and outlines help that is available.

Custom Training

Can’t find what you’re looking for? As staff support specialists CLS is continually developing and evaluating new training programmes and are happy to formulate custom training sessions as required. Please contact us on 1300 132 098 to discuss your training needs.